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From low cost, to high cost, to no cost legal service, we will find the lawyer, nonprofit, government agency, or other entity which is waiting to help you.

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Finding The Right Legal Help

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If you need legal help, we will find it. We connect you with the legal service that is right for you. Legal help can come from many sources. Whether you receive legal assistance from a law firm, nonprofit organization, government agency, or other entity, there is a good chance that the advice will come from a lawyer. Without the aid of a knowledgeable attorney, you run the risk of not being aware of your legal options and how you should proceed. The wrong legal guidance can lead to great financial and psychological loss. While no attorney can guarantee you a particular result, a competent attorney will understand your legal situation and the risks and consequences of pursuing various legal steps.

The Right Legal Help finds the specific legal assistance that you require. We are neither a legal directory nor an average attorney referral service. A legal directory merely cites a list of attorneys without providing much information on their qualifications or ability to address your legal matter. We are also different from an average attorney referral service because we choose to focus exclusively on you over attorneys. A typical referral service will cater to attorneys who have paid them to get clients such as you. So even if there is a better attorney or legal service available to help you, a referral service will only refer you to one of their attorneys. Because our service does not take any money from attorneys, we do not owe them any clients. We therefore are able to perform an unrestricted search of the massive legal services universe to find the right legal help for you. With so many lawyers and legal services that are available, you should not only get the legal help that you need, but also the legal help that you want. In addition to referring you to lawyers and law firms, upon your request we will also look for any low cost or no cost legal assistance which may be available to you through a nonprofit, law firm, government agency, or other entity.

While lawyer referral services often advertise as being free, one will eventually pay the fees charged by the service’s referred attorney. The Right Legal Help charges you a small fee in exchange for an individually tailored search for attorneys or legal services which can handle your special needs. The bottom line is that if you have to pay for legal assistance then you better not get just any legal help, but the right legal help.

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  • Business Law
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  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Military Law
  • Municipal Law
  • Native American and Indigenous Peoples Law
  • Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations
  • Patents
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  • Privacy Law
  • Probate
  • Products Liability
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